Jane's five reasons to take up Morris Dancing with Owlswick

 Thinking of taking up a new hobby?

1) It's a great way to meet people.  The dancing itself needs good team work, so you do get to know the people in the side pretty well.  In the summer, we get around quite a bit, as well, dancing at a different pub each week, various fetes and the odd weekend / holiday away.


2) It's good exercise - regard it as an aerobics class with squeeze boxes and the chance of a pint afterwards.


3) It's a great way to relax.  It's very difficult to worry too much about your daily cares when you're concentrating on co-ordinating your feet and hands.


4) You don't have to dance.  We're always looking for musicians.  Likely instruments are anything portable and fairly loud - fiddles, squeeze boxes, recorders/whistles/flutes - if you play something else and would like to join, just ask.


5) Above all, it's great a really good laugh!  Why not give us a go? Contact our secretaryor e-mail owlswick.morris@gmail.com


Jane with Sticks Crossed