Chris and Delly

Our 30th Anniversary was a happy and sad time all in one evening. We had a ceilidh, and invited past members of Owlswick. Honorary memberships were bestowed on some and certficates and tankards were presented. The sad news that evening was that Chris and Delly Blane the founder members of Owlswick Morris were retiring, we didn't know so it all came as rather a shock when it came out in a speech.

We thank them for their total commitment to Owlswick Morris!

Delly has organised so many fantastic holidays for us putting in hours of work, as well as teaching Owlswick Cloggies and as Squire/Forman Chris has done a brilliant job of teaching us and keeping us in order. (Well he tried)

So, bye bye our lovely Chris and Delly, good luck with your future travels.


Picture of Chris and Delly

Chris and Delly at Towersey Festival 2009